Marshall left virtually

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Marshall left virtually

Post by wangrong on Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:28 am

A bachelor, Marshall left virtually all of his $1.5 million estate to three causes dear to him: socialism, civil liberties and wilderness preservation.[14] Three trusts were established in his will. The first, focused on education related to "the theory of production for use and not for profit", received half of his estate; the second, aimed at "safeguarding and advancement of the cause of civil liberties", received one-quarter of his estate; and the third supported "preservation of the wilderness conditions in outdoor America", establishing what became the Robert Marshall Wilderness Fund, also receiving one-quarter of his estate. Trustees of the latter trust included Robert Sterling Yard, Bob Marshall's brother George, Irving Clark, Olaus Murie and Bill Zimmerman, early leaders of The Wilderness Society.[65] He gave money to only one individual: $10,000 to his old friend and guide, Herb Clark.[3]

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