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In 1929, Marshall was 28 years old and less than a year away from completing a PhD in plant physiology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland when he made his first trip to Alaska, visiting the upper Koyukuk River and the central Brooks Range.[13] The scientific objective of the trip was to study tree growth at the northern timberline near the Arctic Divide.[32] For his 15-month sojourn in the small town of Wiseman, Alaska, Marshall rented a one-room cabin next to the only roadhouse in the village and furnished it with books, records, a phonograph player, and a writing desk.[33] He placed the desk so that he could sit by the cabin's single window and admire the view of the Koyukuk River and the range of steep, snow-covered mountains in the background. His travels engendered in him a great love for the central Brooks Range in the Alaskan wilderness. Marshall was one of the first to explore much of the range, especially the headwaters of the North fork of the Koyukuk River, where he bestowed the name "Gates of the Arctic" on a pair of mountains. On September 11, 1929, Marshall's father Louis died in Zürich, Switzerland at the age of 73. Because their mother had died of cancer in 1916, the four children inherited most of their father's estate, worth several million dollars. Although he became financially independent, Bob Marshall continued to work throughout his life.[34]

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