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Post by Mr007 on Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:07 am

Hearing 'I Love You', the third song on this album, was one of those rare revelations one gets while listening to music, where instantly the song clicks and the listener sits back and goes, 'Wow!' It was at once a bitter, depraved and perverse song, and yet there was this overriding sweetness, with just a tinge of sadness. It's the most romantic song ever that has words 'an angry lesbian with a loaded gun' in it. The rest of the album doesn't quite match the brilliance I heard in my introductory song to this band, but that isn't saying that the album is bad. Quite the contrary, this is a strong outing and one hell of a debut. The rest of the album has the pace of those old songs with the freight train beat. It's a minimal sound that conveys a maximum amount of emotion.

My friend who showed this to me explained this is what Folk Punk is. It's an appealing genre title to one such as me, who reveres Bob Dylan above all songwriters, and who loves the visceral sound of punk. Instantly I knew that folk punk was the kind of stuff that bands like The Violent Femmes did. But thinking about it, that makes perfect sense. It's a brief album that says a lot, and unfortunately I don't have a lot to say, because it's so brief and brash that it totally speaks for itself, it could be more of an EP than an LP now that I think about it. However, I recommend this anyone interested in punk, The Violent Femmes or folk to check this band out. I'll provide a download link: Download Free Punk Albums: The Andrew Jackson Jihad - Candy Cigarettes & Cap Guns


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