Sundanese Language

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Sundanese Language

Post by louise on Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:03 am

ABout Sundanese People :

so anyway, i've got nothing to do right now, so why dont i use my time to teach you a bit about this language of a tribe's in Indonesia? not sure how it'll be useful in your life tho.

just wanna share it.

SO basically there are some complex levels in Sundanese. Like how you suppose to talk to your elders, youngers, peers, strangers, talk to people from lower social status or higher, each word has its own level. We are so much influenced by Hindu caste system, so you don't say just simply "you" to someone, for example, from higher rank.

e.g :
addressing to younger or peer : "you" = "maneh" (e as in "ethics") ma-neh or "silaing" see-la-eeng or "anjeun" (eu as in korean eu) uhn-jeun
"anjeun" is a rather respectable form used for peers or strangers.
addressing to older person or higher social status: "bapa" (male) baa-paa, or "ibu" (female) ee-boo

But screw levels, lets talk in a normal and acceptable-for-everyone way!

I, Me = "Abdi" ab-dee

Basic Survival Sentences :
I'm lost : Abdi nyasar (ny as in nyahahahaha)
Where is... (the toilet) (the book)?: Dimana...(toilet na) (buku na)?
I'm hungry : Abdi lapar
I wantto eat : Abdi hoyong tuang
I have to make a phone call : abdi kedah nelepon
Where is the Police Station? : Dimana kantor polisi na?
How to go to the police station? : Kumaha jalan ka kantor polisi?
How to make a cake? : kumaha ngadamel kueh?

these are very simple sentences, and not gramatically correct. but we of course, always tolerance foreigners.


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Re: Sundanese Language

Post by Cutie on Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:44 am

ooh... Sundanese! Yay! Thanks for sharing this, Louise! *gives extra massage, coffee + tea, and cutie's cookies!*
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