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Hi everyone^^

Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:02 am by dandy

Hi everyone... I am trying to get this site back active again...
So any suggestions??
But i really am trying... pale

Talk to you guys later^^ ShenYuePop! - Portal* 975687

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JYJ+TVXQ: fans collaboration Always connected by the Blue Sky

Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:16 am by Terryals

As you know there are two (biggest) official fanclubs (Big East and Cassiopeia) of the group TVXQ (Tohoshinki/DBSK) as five-member group. But there aren´t any official fanclubs of JYJ (Jaejoong+Yoochun+junsu) or TVXQ (now only with Yunho and Changmin). That´s why established the forum nammed "Siong5" as the unofficial fanclub of Jaejoong + Yunho + Yoochun + Changmin + Junsu (Yes, all of them. ).
We want to show that we love and support them all (the two groups as well as individual artists). Because since JYJ left TVXQ there were (and still are) tons of discussions whether fans of TVXQ can support JYJ or not (and so many other questions).

!Always Connected by the Blue Sky!

join the forum (the unofficial fanclub of 5 of them) on:
And sign the petition to show your support to Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Changmin and Junsu

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The Cake Discography Thread

Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:31 am by Mr007

ShenYuePop! - Portal* Cake-band

While I love Jack White and Tom Waits, neither the popular nor the critically acclaimed need defending on these boards. Conversely, bands that may be equal in artistic temperament but are unfairly bogged down with a reputation are generally in short supply of valid credit given to them. In this regard no song has misrepresented a band like Cake’s “The Distance” since Extreme released “More than words”, or The Looking Glass’s “Brandy.”

“The Distance” amongst other things was too clever, and fit with the times. Like lollapalooza’s singular rap-acts, The Distance seems to mildly acknowledge that this is a musical genre, but only with a tongue safely in the cheek. The video was trivializing; grown men running in giant animal suits which in all likely hood was marketed as a nice midpoint between Beck’s Loser and its nonsensical, non-sequiter thematic mash-up, and the Flaming Lips general animal attire. While the markings of the band were there; trumpets, three part harmonies backing a laconic staccato melody line, the random barks of the practice studio, the soul of the band was missing. And while Cake undoubtedly rode Fashion Nuggest’s success to indie stardom, it was clear from the outset they didn’t want that specter haunting them. They opened many shows with "The Distance" so that people who came only for that song could leave.

But I point out, in part what "The Distance" is because it defines what Cake is not. "Distance" was written by then Guitarist Greg Brown who left before the recording of the bands next album Prolonging the Magic (but close enough to get credits on some songs) to join the band Deathray.

A large bulk of the Cake catalogue has been written by front man John McCrea and stands in stark contrast to the sole hit from Fashion Nugget that drove them to become radio mainstays. McCrea’s style has been compared to that of Hank Williams and Willie Nelson for both its skeletal structure and its direct lyrics and accounts for the main character of the band’s sound. A staunch environmentalist, during a Fresh Air interview on NPR, he went as far as saying he felt many late-90’s bands were the aural equivalent of an SUV, and that in comparison, he’s always tried to be a small hybrid.

In this thread I fully intend to explore some of the hidden gems, the better craftsmanship, and the expanse of the Cake catalogue’s 5 disc set. (soon to be 6 it appears) While I’d enjoy an upsurge in new fans, as a pragmatist, I only hope you find a song or two that shows a band that’s much more than a clever hit, and some songs that have some personal interest for you.

Thanks for reading,

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The Cake Discography Thread

Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:30 am by Mr007

ShenYuePop! - Portal* Cake_Motorcade_of_Generosity

Released February 7, 1994
Recorded 1994
Length 43:12
Label Capricorn Records
Producer Cake

Cake’s first album dips heavily into the Country roots with a strong supporting role from its mariachi influence. Jesus wrote a Blank Check and Pentagram utilize a frontier harmony that sounds like its been tuned to the tin sound of the harmonica; notes aren’t such much sung as they are landed on and syllables are hammered on like a car horn playing rhythm. Ain’t No Good for you, while starting as disheveled as its main character, locks itself into a trumpeted groove that sounds like it came direct from the festivals.

But to say it’s a country album would be misleading and if your impression of Cake was that they were too clever, they’re not letting that one go very easily. While aforementioned tracks might play well in the heartland, the “intellectual” openings of Rock & Roll Lifestyle and Mr. Mastodon’s Farm are more suited for the night clubs and poetry slams (respectively) of a major metropolitan area’s. The former, tackling the idea of American wastefulness sounds more Talking Heads than Wayland Jennings, The latter starts with a Virginia Wolfe stream-of-consciousness ramble that the band eventually picks up on and runs with.

But the bands true strength lies in its simplistic observation of life in the artistic doldrums of Sacramento. On tracks like Ruby Sees All, Jolene, and I Bombed Korea every night, McCrea objectively details the disaster and heartbreak that can be found on any barstool in America. Korea brings us a matter-of-fact lament from what could be a war veteran, or simply any aging man looking back on his youth and acknowledging that his actions were less than informed:

I bombed korea every night.
I bombed korea every night.
Red flowers bursting down below us.
Those people didnt even know us.
We didnt know if we would live or die.
We didnt know if it was wrong or right.
I bombed korea every night.

If Cake sets a precedent with Motorcade, it’s no precedent at all. The album stood as a declaration of freedom, demanding to go in any direction it felt inclined. And just when its lo-fi acoustic description becomes familiar to you, their bound to throw a grand piano and some orchestral string-samples (You part the waters) in to throw you off. While radio play was scarce for this one, Corporate America was still looking for anything out there in the wake of Cobain’s death, and Cake’s opinionated but well defined character stood out, and stardom was just on the horizon.

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One Day As A Lion- "One Day As A Lion"

Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:30 am by Mr007

Artist: One Day As A Lion
Album: One Day As A Lion
Release Date: July 22nd 2008
Length: 20:20
Label: ANTI-

One Day As A Lion is a musical experiment consisting of Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine and Jon Theodore of The Mars Volta, they released their 5 track self-titled debut EP on July 22nd 2008. The lyrics are reminiscent of Zack’s days in Rage Against The Machine, politically driven with angst and he even incorporates a little bit of singing. Jon Theodore uses his unique style of drumming and incorporates a punk and hip-hop feel to the album. Yeah sure five songs doesn’t seem like much for an EP let alone for a debut, and sure much of it is Rage Against The Machine without the hard hitting basslines and funky and unique guitar playing and solos. They seem to carry their own though and hopefully they will continue to play and record an actual full length album.


1.) “Wild International”- The first single off the album, driven with that Keyboard riff and Theodore’s awesome drumming. Zack’s lyrics talk of war and religion and how they intertwine. Zack’s flow is incredible, this track is probably the strongest on the whole album.

2.) “Ocean View”- There isn’t much you can do with a keyboard, drums, and lyrics, but they somehow pull it off. Zack’s flows are still going punch for punch and the drumming is keen to making this song, I think you can consider the chorus as Zack singing? Either way a good song but not great, but the climax to the song really helps give it something. I do believe it is the weakest song on the album though.

3.) “Last Letter”- Great drumming intro by Theodore, his drumming drives this track too. Zack’s lyrics somewhat deal with panic and maybe Armageddon. Once again the climax to this song takes it from a decent song to a good song, but still not a great song.

4.) “If You Fear Dying”- My favorite track on the EP, I love Zack’s flow and lyrics in this album. Just the chorus alone is great and there is such a great flow to the whole song Zack’s voice is also very unique during the chorus and gives it so much energy.

5.) “One Day As A Lion”- The self-titled track, it combines the very essence of hip hop and the rock feel, felt throughout the whole EP. I would say this song is the second strongest track lyrically on the album.

My overall impression of the album is a 3.5 stars out of 5. I really love RATM and The Mars Volta, and I hope One Day As A Lion can release a full length album, but this is a great way to start[/QUOTE]

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jane iredale

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Aerosmith - Get A Grip (1993)

Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:44 am by Mr007

Aerosmith - Get A Grip

ShenYuePop! - Portal* Aerosmith_-_Get_A_Grip-front

“GET A GRIP” is the eleventh studio album by American rock band Aerosmith. Released in 1993, it was Aerosmith’s last studio album released by Geffen Records.

THE BAND: To be completely honest, I never listened to Aerosmith as much as I should of until they announced that there tour would be coming through PEI. Our small province doesn’t get many big time acts and Aerosmith would be the biggest to ever play in PEI to date. So, when I heard; I bought tickets and bought an album. I had no clue of what of there albums were great and what weren’t. I picked up “GET A GRIP” because of its unique artwork, and my brother picked “PUMP” because of its.

THE ALBUM: I have now heard Aerosmith live and have heard, what I think, is every Aerosmith song to be recorded. “GET A GRIP” would have to rank on the very top. Its got everything a great Aerosmith album should sound like and sums up a great rock n’ roll record. For me anyway.

1. Intro - I’ve always loved intro’s to albums; if done correctly. This introduction does just that in leading into the best song on the album and possible the best Aerosmith song ever.
2. Eat The Rich - Like I said, the strongest track on the album. You won’t find Aerosmith come together any nicer than this. The guitar work of Joe Perry had me speechless the first listen; and does exactly that 100 plays later. The vocals/lyrics are badass, and are direct. Steven Tyler delivers it perfectly. From Joey Kramer’s heavy drum beat, to Brad Whitfords clear and crisp 2nd guitar, straight to Tom Hamilton’s strong and steady bass, the song is perfection.
3. Get A Grip - The title track, “Get A Grip” keeps the album moving very smoothly. The drums fill in a small gap, much like a live concert and Steven brings the house down again. Joe and Steven remain on the same page here as both team up too make a bluesy like verse and chorus. Brad Whitford remains perfect backing up an amazing Joe Perry.
4. Fever - Moving along, this album gives you no breaks and does not let up. Together, Steven and Joe/Brad have your ears overwhelmed. “Fever” adds no flash but is a straight forward track, filled with guitar and snare drum.
5. Livin’ On The Edge - Now, the album finally does slow down a bit. Enough for you to catch your breath. It turns from a heavy sound to a more melodic and from proving a point to spreading the word. It is a message to the people about issues regarding religion and racism. Its sound is very unique but very rock n’ roll. Surprisingly, this was the first single off “Get A Grip”
6. Flesh - Another intro-like piece prelude’s the track. It returns us to that rough rock n’ roll we heard through tracks 2 and 4. One thing I love about “Flesh” is the vocal melodies.
7. Walk On Down - Being a huge GNR fan, there’s no doubt I fell in love with this. It resembles a few songs off the USE YOUR ILLUSION sets; it could very well be Duff Mckagen on vocals. Its as strong as a track Aerosmith has. Everything about it is great and its just one more great track on the album
8. Shut Up And Dance - I’m shocked that this was released as a single at all, even if it was the seventh off the album. Not that the song is weak but solely that there are better on the album like “Walk On Down” for example. One thing about the song is that its got some witty lines among the lyrics. It’s a fast-paced, loud rock song that continues the album quite strongly
9. Cryin - Another option for my favorite Aerosmith song ever is “Cryin’”. It is a beautiful song and stole the show for me live. The chorus is so simple but so effective and the verses tell that familiar story of a relationship gone bad. Bluesy guitars by Whitford and Perry keep the track rock n’ roll and Steven makes it a amazing piece of art. I’ll also mention the very fitting harmonica solo in the outro.
10. Gotta Love It - One thing I love about Aerosmith, is how live they sound on record and how perfect they sound live. This song is still an above average song but would have to be one of the worst tracks on the album. It is a nice filler that doesnt let up for a minute.
11. Crazy - A very sexy sounding song. “Crazy” has beautifully flowing vocals with nothing but perfection from Joe Perry. Another one of my favorite’s of all time.
12. Line Up - Here, we’ve got another toe tapping track. Co-written by Lenny Kravitz (who also does backing vocals), “Line Up” has everything listed above. Another good listen.
13. Amazing - I love song concepts like this. A song about Tyler’s recent sobriety. Aerosmith gets very soft on us and it definitely stands out in the album as sounding much different. Not saying it’s a good or bad change, but its very different.
14. Boogie Man - “Boogie Man” is a two minute instrumental that rounds out the album on another soft note. After such a hard rocking album, it would of been nice to end on a bang but …

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Rishloo - Eidolon (2007)

Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:44 am by Mr007

Rishloo - Eidolon (2007)

ShenYuePop! - Portal* 61coTDB2P-L._SS500_

I downloaded this album a few days ago based on a post by Anteater:

LoathsomePete subsequently replied with the following post:

I've just now finished my first listen to this album. Sadly I must agree with LoathsomePete on them sounding too much like a mediocre Tool rip off. Initially I focused mostly on the vocals, hearing mostly Maynard J. Keenan (Tool), a bit of Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria), and too much of Ronnie J. Dio. As the album progressed, I even heard minor similarities to Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) and Jeremy Enigk (Sunny Day Real Estate and solo). But really, the guy tries VERY hard to vocalize just like Maynard. He may be more versatile, but I don't think that's really a good thing here if everything he does reminds me of other singers.

Now for the music. Unfortunately overall I feel the music takes too much of a back seat to the vocals. It needs to have more punch, make more of an impact, as nothing really stands out enough next to the vocals. There were times I felt the music wasn't very tight, and it sounds a bit thin. The producer might be to blame. Later in the album some instrumentation began to stand out more, of course during instrumental passages. Track 12 'Zdzislaw' started off VERY Pink Floyd-ish, reminding me of 'Run Like Hell' I think, and then proceeded to get VERY Tool-ish as it went on. Track 13 'Disco Biscuit' had some Tool-ish riffs that were so obvious they may as well be ripped off.

All in all I enjoyed listening to the album, but to be fair I feel my first listen served to pick out the influences, as most first listens do. It is well played for the most part, but like LoathsomePete, I don't know if it's something that will get too many repeat plays except maybe if I'm in the mood for Tool but don't want to hear Tool, of if I want to play some alternative metal to people without playing the usual suspects. I definitely plan to give it at least one more play within the next week, to see if it comes into its own at all. I don't think it'll ever escape the Tool comparisons, but maybe I'll grow to appreciate the singer's voice more, and pay more attention to the instrumentation in the first half of the album. I have to admit I am a bit curious about their other albums, and whether I would have the same complaints.

My favorite part of the album, to be honest, was the "hidden" track (and I was ready to bash it for even having a hidden track in 2007) because it sounds more original, despite having a 60s psych pop vibe. If they moved in that direction, I'd be interested to hear more.

The songs I mentioned aren't on YouTube, but here are some others so you can get an idea of the sound.

(oh wow...just playing this for a few seconds I hear Tool's 'Wings for Marie')

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Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger (2007)

Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:43 am by Mr007

Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger

ShenYuePop! - Portal* Ryan_adams_easy_tiger1

“EASY TIGER” is Ryan Adams ninth studio album released on June 26, 2007, and feature The Cardinals as his backing band.

THE ARTIST: I will thank iTunes’ shuffle for helping me come across Ryan Adams’ wonderful music. I had gotten the CD from when I worked at Music World, but never listened, and just had ripped it to my iTunes. I didn’t listen for the longest time until my iTunes randomly played “I Taught Myself How To Grow Old”. I’ve been hooked ever since and absolutely love this album and this artist.

THE ALBUM: After hearing this album I’ve gone out and bought Adams “Cardinology” album and “29" and, although they don’t beat “Easy Tiger” are great albums, aswell, and hold some of my favorite Ryan Adams songs like “Magick” and “Stop”.

1. Goodnight Rose - Gets the album off to a very good flow and features some beautiful country like guitar. I love Ryan’s voice in songs like this. He keeps it so raw and it’s a good thing. It seems the whole band has really come together beautifully for this and there styles mix well in putting together a great song. It leaves you wanting more.
2. Two - I’d like to think Ryan Adams is more known for his softer songs rather than being upbeat and this is one of his best. Again, his vocals have that raw feel, and it really makes you believe he is heartbroken. The verses’ move along so peacefully; the chorus picks up ever so slightly and is the highlight of the song for me. Everything comes together beautifully.
3. Everybody Knows - Anyone who knows me, knows I like acoustic songs. So I’m in heaven right about now. This song follows the same sound of “Two” and keeps you wanting more. At this point in the album I realize what wonderful flow his lyrics have.
4. Halloweenhead - Ryan Adams can be anything he wants and sound anyway he’d like and this song shows you a little of the darker Ryan Adams. Written solely by Ryan, it speaks of “that same old ****” and his demented mind. The appearance of the electric guitar shows you that the band behind Ryan are good players. Ryan even drops an “F-Bomb” in this song!
5. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. - One of my favorite songs of Ryans, “Oh My God, Whatever, Etc” features that acoustic I love to hear. The doubled acoustic work together to paint you a picture of a nice calm night. The piano comes in at exactly the right time, and more beautiful vocals tops off the song.
6. Tears Of Gold - The album goes very country on us here in track 6 but still offers everything I’ve listed above. One of my least favorite on the album, I still enjoy this song and think it shows one more side to the wonderful Ryan Adams.
7. The Sun Also Sets - Track #7 is more upbeat and has a lot more happening than previous tracks. It sounds a lot like a Beatles song at times and a little more country like at other times. It has a wonderful chorus and features some backup vocals we haven’t seen yet on the album; another thing to keep the album fresh and exciting.
8. Off Broadway - At this point I’m expecting the album to maybe get a little stale but there’s nothing of the sort. It continues to offer brand new song concepts and idea’s. An acoustic guitar sings along with Ryan here and is a wonderful example of how the acoustic guitar should sound. The band behind seems to be on the brink of exploding into song but it never does. It does help lead into the song though.
9. Pearls On A String - More country and more fresh idea’s. A Banjo and a snare keep your toe’s tapping in this fun song.
10. Rip Off - Another Beatle’s-like song, and another beautiful guitar piece.
11. Two Hearts - Another faster, electric song, “Two Hearts” is a nice little tune. This song may have done better if it came sooner in the album, rather than later. I may have switched spots with “Tears Of Gold” only because at this point I’m looking for something a little more explosive.
12. These Girls - “These Girls” would have to be one of the worst tracks on the album for me, although it has a nice acoustic sound. There are absolutely no bad songs on this album, but this just seems the weakest. I do enjoy it.
13. I Taught Myself How To Grow Old - Absolutely, no doubt in my mind, my favorite Ryan Adams song and one of my favorite songs to come out of the past 5 years. Its fresh from the rest of the album, with the harmonica and the small symphony section, and it all fits together so nice, and the lyrics really touch me.

“Most of the time I’ve got nothing to say.
When I do its nothing and nobody’s there to listen anyway.
I know I’m probably better off this way.
I just listen to the voices on the TV til I’m tired, my eyes go heavy and I fade away”

What wonderful lyrics. Written by a lonely man; lyrics, I’m sure, everyone can relate to at some point. I know I have. The song continues with more harmonica and I begin to think and really understand the song. It flows so amazingly, and is always …

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Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony

Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:09 am by Mr007

I felt the power, yet subtle hints of vulnerability made Dear Agony Breaking Benjamin's best.
Phobia was potentially one of my favorite albums of all time the first time I heard it, and still is; however Dear Agony quickly surpassed the predecessor. With the edge it held in songs like Crawl, I Will Not Bow, and Fade Away the album opened with a bang. It quickly caught my ear and held me on throughout the rest of the album. Then the pure strength that Anthem of the Angels and Dear Agony possessed almost gave me chills.
I believe that Breaking Benjamin fans will like this album for the simple fact that the band played it smart and stuck to their roots, however gained a new edge that will draw in a whole new group of followers.

9 out of 10

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This Is Pop (aka more albums I like that you might like too)

Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:09 am by Mr007

[SIZE="7"]This Is Pop[/SIZE]

In being inspired by [URL="http://www.musicbanter.com/pop/48065-top-5-pop-albums.html"]Lovissucide's thread[/URL] (which it'd be cool if more people would reply too) and the uber-cool XTC tune of the same name, I've finally got something to keep me properly occupied around here again, which is never a bad thing Wink The jist of this is that pop music, as I'm sure we all know, doesn't consist solely of songs like [URL="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3CxhBIrBho"]this[/URL] (and, frankly, thank god for that). Pop music comes in varying degrees, shapes and sizes, as you'll all see when I start getting some reviews up of nice, fairly accessible albums - albums one could call pop in some way shape or form then.

I'll get my first review done soon enough. If any of you guys have any you think would fit in with this thread, guest reviews are very welcome.

Anyway, I'll nip back in here with the first one in the near future...

edit - You'll find an index of all the albums covered at the top of page 4 of this thread.

Oh, and it goes without saying that there'll be plenty of mixtapes as this thread goes on. Something like one every five albums with two from each I'd think.

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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Candy, Cigarettes and Cap Guns Reload this Page

Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:07 am by Mr007

ShenYuePop! - Portal* Candycigarettes