my new passion is wine

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my new passion is wine Empty my new passion is wine

Post by ouna on Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:09 pm

i tasted wine for the first time on new year's eve and lved it a lot

it became my new passion to know more about it

How to Describe a Wine's Body
The body of a wine is defined by the weight of the wine in the mouth. "The weight" of the wine in the mouth is essentially the cumulative effect of fruit, tannin and alcohol. Describing a wine's body may be challenging at first; however, with a little practice and experience, you can start describing a wine's body like a pro.
Wine tasting is an art!

1.Sip the wine slowly and slowly move the wine in your mouth so that it is touching the different taste buds in your mouth.

2 .Use words like "smooth" and "round" to describe a wine if it has little acidity. If there are higher levels of acidity, describe it as "crisp".
Adjectives like "flat" and "dull" have the lowest levels of acidity.

3. Take note of how how heavy or thick the wine feels in your mouth. If it is heavy, the body of the wine is described as "ful
bodied" . "Light", "medium", or "full" are also terms to further describe the body of the wine.

4. Don't forget that the fullness of the body does not necessarily describe the intensity of the wine. The flavor intensity of the wine does not
correlate with the body of the wine.

this is short summary to how desribe wine i found while searching about wine iand liked to share

would you like to know my own description of my wine tasting
appreciate your input
sincerly friendly ouna


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