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Post by Mr007 on Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:43 am

Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger

Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger (2007) Ryan_adams_easy_tiger1

“EASY TIGER” is Ryan Adams ninth studio album released on June 26, 2007, and feature The Cardinals as his backing band.

THE ARTIST: I will thank iTunes’ shuffle for helping me come across Ryan Adams’ wonderful music. I had gotten the CD from when I worked at Music World, but never listened, and just had ripped it to my iTunes. I didn’t listen for the longest time until my iTunes randomly played “I Taught Myself How To Grow Old”. I’ve been hooked ever since and absolutely love this album and this artist.

THE ALBUM: After hearing this album I’ve gone out and bought Adams “Cardinology” album and “29" and, although they don’t beat “Easy Tiger” are great albums, aswell, and hold some of my favorite Ryan Adams songs like “Magick” and “Stop”.

1. Goodnight Rose - Gets the album off to a very good flow and features some beautiful country like guitar. I love Ryan’s voice in songs like this. He keeps it so raw and it’s a good thing. It seems the whole band has really come together beautifully for this and there styles mix well in putting together a great song. It leaves you wanting more.
2. Two - I’d like to think Ryan Adams is more known for his softer songs rather than being upbeat and this is one of his best. Again, his vocals have that raw feel, and it really makes you believe he is heartbroken. The verses’ move along so peacefully; the chorus picks up ever so slightly and is the highlight of the song for me. Everything comes together beautifully.
3. Everybody Knows - Anyone who knows me, knows I like acoustic songs. So I’m in heaven right about now. This song follows the same sound of “Two” and keeps you wanting more. At this point in the album I realize what wonderful flow his lyrics have.
4. Halloweenhead - Ryan Adams can be anything he wants and sound anyway he’d like and this song shows you a little of the darker Ryan Adams. Written solely by Ryan, it speaks of “that same old ****” and his demented mind. The appearance of the electric guitar shows you that the band behind Ryan are good players. Ryan even drops an “F-Bomb” in this song!
5. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. - One of my favorite songs of Ryans, “Oh My God, Whatever, Etc” features that acoustic I love to hear. The doubled acoustic work together to paint you a picture of a nice calm night. The piano comes in at exactly the right time, and more beautiful vocals tops off the song.
6. Tears Of Gold - The album goes very country on us here in track 6 but still offers everything I’ve listed above. One of my least favorite on the album, I still enjoy this song and think it shows one more side to the wonderful Ryan Adams.
7. The Sun Also Sets - Track #7 is more upbeat and has a lot more happening than previous tracks. It sounds a lot like a Beatles song at times and a little more country like at other times. It has a wonderful chorus and features some backup vocals we haven’t seen yet on the album; another thing to keep the album fresh and exciting.
8. Off Broadway - At this point I’m expecting the album to maybe get a little stale but there’s nothing of the sort. It continues to offer brand new song concepts and idea’s. An acoustic guitar sings along with Ryan here and is a wonderful example of how the acoustic guitar should sound. The band behind seems to be on the brink of exploding into song but it never does. It does help lead into the song though.
9. Pearls On A String - More country and more fresh idea’s. A Banjo and a snare keep your toe’s tapping in this fun song.
10. Rip Off - Another Beatle’s-like song, and another beautiful guitar piece.
11. Two Hearts - Another faster, electric song, “Two Hearts” is a nice little tune. This song may have done better if it came sooner in the album, rather than later. I may have switched spots with “Tears Of Gold” only because at this point I’m looking for something a little more explosive.
12. These Girls - “These Girls” would have to be one of the worst tracks on the album for me, although it has a nice acoustic sound. There are absolutely no bad songs on this album, but this just seems the weakest. I do enjoy it.
13. I Taught Myself How To Grow Old - Absolutely, no doubt in my mind, my favorite Ryan Adams song and one of my favorite songs to come out of the past 5 years. Its fresh from the rest of the album, with the harmonica and the small symphony section, and it all fits together so nice, and the lyrics really touch me.

“Most of the time I’ve got nothing to say.
When I do its nothing and nobody’s there to listen anyway.
I know I’m probably better off this way.
I just listen to the voices on the TV til I’m tired, my eyes go heavy and I fade away”

What wonderful lyrics. Written by a lonely man; lyrics, I’m sure, everyone can relate to at some point. I know I have. The song continues with more harmonica and I begin to think and really understand the song. It flows so amazingly, and is always touching.

FINAL COMMENTS: I have always liked albums that are like a book or novel. Each song is a chapter and the chapters piece together a story. I feel this album does just that and more. It shows a large amount of talent and speaks from the soul. Unlike the last review I did (3 Doors Down’s “SEVENTEEN DAYS”) this album is fresh and every song is an experiment of what would sound good. A successful experiment I may add. Ryan Adams’ hits pure gold with this one and opened my eyes to his wonderful musician.

RATING: 8.5/10

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