This Is Pop (aka more albums I like that you might like too)

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This Is Pop (aka more albums I like that you might like too)

Post by Mr007 on Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:09 am

[SIZE="7"]This Is Pop[/SIZE]

In being inspired by [URL=""]Lovissucide's thread[/URL] (which it'd be cool if more people would reply too) and the uber-cool XTC tune of the same name, I've finally got something to keep me properly occupied around here again, which is never a bad thing Wink The jist of this is that pop music, as I'm sure we all know, doesn't consist solely of songs like [URL=""]this[/URL] (and, frankly, thank god for that). Pop music comes in varying degrees, shapes and sizes, as you'll all see when I start getting some reviews up of nice, fairly accessible albums - albums one could call pop in some way shape or form then.

I'll get my first review done soon enough. If any of you guys have any you think would fit in with this thread, guest reviews are very welcome.

Anyway, I'll nip back in here with the first one in the near future...

edit - You'll find an index of all the albums covered at the top of page 4 of this thread.

Oh, and it goes without saying that there'll be plenty of mixtapes as this thread goes on. Something like one every five albums with two from each I'd think.

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