Death of Aristotelis Goumas

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Death of Aristotelis Goumas Empty Death of Aristotelis Goumas

Post by wangrong on Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:02 am

The death of Aristotelis Goumas took place on August 12, 2010, in Himara, Albania, when the motorcycle of 37-year-old ethnic Greek shopkeeper Aristotelis Goumas was hit by a car driven by three Albanian men from Vlore. According to eyewitnesses the death occurred after an altercation in Goumas' store, when the three men demanded that Goumas not speak to them in Greek in his own store, which Goumas refused. The suspects reportedly drove over the victim at least twice to make sure he was dead.

The death sent shockwaves through the ethnic Greek community of Albania, and demonstrators blocked the main highway from Vlore to Saranda, which passes through the region. The event was reported by all major news outlets in both countries, and was strongly condemned by both the Greek and Albanian governments. Three suspects have been charged with murder and are awaiting trial.

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