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Post by wangrong on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:09 am

Lava flows emitted during future volcanic eruptions would likely be basaltic in nature based on the composition of its lavas produced during past volcanic activity.[4] Basaltic lava flows are low in silica content and can have speeds extending from 15 to 50 km/h (10 to 30 mph).[23] The last eruption at The Volcano 150 years ago had a large impact on fish, plant and animal inhabitants in the valley the lava flows travelled through to cross the Canada United States border.[24] Because of these circumstances, future eruptions may again block the flow of local water courses if the volume of the erupted lavas are significant enough. This would again have disastrous consequences for fish habitats and spawning grounds.[4] However, there are neither records of any impacts on people during this eruption, nor that it was even witnessed by people.[24] A repeat of wildfires in the Lava Fork valley is also a possibility due to the existence of vegetation on and around the erupted lavas.[13]

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