Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

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Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

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Concerned about the Emperor's taciturnity and immaturity, the courtiers believed marriage would improve his behavior and character.[77] The government of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies offered the hand of Princess Teresa Cristina.[78][79][80] A portrait of Teresa Cristina was sent by the Kingdom to Pedro II, depicting a beautiful young woman and prompting him to accept the match.[81][82] Pedro II and Teresa Cristina were married by proxy in Naples on 30 May 1843.[83][84][85] The new Empress arrived in Brazil on 3 September 1843.[86][87] Upon seeing her in person, the Emperor was noticeably disappointed.[88][89][90] The picture he had been sent was an obvious idealization; the real Teresa Cristina was short, a bit overweight, walked with a pronounced limp and though not ugly, neither was she pretty.[88][89][91] He did little to hide his disillusionment. One observer stated that he turned his back to Teresa Cristina, another depicted him as being so shocked that he needed to sit, and it is possible that both occurred.[88] That evening, Pedro II wept and complained to Mariana de Verna, "They have deceived me, Dadama!"[88][90][92] It took several hours to convince him that duty demanded that he proceed.[88][90][92] The Nuptial Mass, with the ratification of the vows previously taken by proxy and the conferral of the nuptial blessing, occurred on the following day, 4 September 1843.[93][94][95]

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