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Caesium is a very soft (it has the lowest Mohs hardness of all elements), very ductile, silvery-white metal, which develops a silvery-gold hue in the presence of trace amounts of oxygen.[6][7] It has a melting point of 28.4 C (83.1 F), making it one of the few metals that are liquid near room temperature. Mercury is the only metal with a known melting point lower than caesium.[note 3][9] In addition, the metal has a rather low boiling point, 641 C (1,186 F), the second lowest of all metals.[10] Its compounds burn with a blue color.[11]
Caesium forms alloys with the other alkali metals as well as with gold, and amalgams with mercury. At temperatures below 650 C (1,202 F), it alloys with cobalt, iron, molybdenum, nickel, platinum, tantalum or tungsten. It forms well defined intermetallic compounds with antimony, gallium, indium and thorium, which are photosensitive.[6] It mixes with the other alkali metals (except with lithium), and the alloy with a molar distribution of 41% caesium, 47% potassium, and 12% sodium has the lowest melting point of any known metal alloy, at −78 C (−108 F).[9][12] A few amalgams have been studied: CsHg2 is black with a purple metallic lustre, while CsHg is golden-coloured, also with a metallic lustre.[13]

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