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Stylish is the first solo album of Lee Hyori, a member of Korean girl group Fin.K.L. The album sold well in Korea, winning several awards and catapulting Lee to superstar status; papers even dubbed her popularity the "Hyolee Syndrome."[citation needed]
The first single was "10 Minutes." Rumor had it that the song was about sleeping with a guy within 10 minutes, but Lee stated that it was simply about knowing the other person in 10 minutes. The song was an instant hit.
"Hey Girl" was the follow up single. The video was banned on some networks due to its sexual imagery, although Lee said that it was the same as her first video and therefore she did not see why this had to be banned[citation needed]. The single was not performed as frequently as her first, and promotions for the album were completed soon after. The third single was "Remember Me."
[edit]Track listing

Prologue (Drum&Bass)
One two three N'four
바보처럼 (Sadness)
10 Minutes
이브, 낙원에 잠들다
Remember Me
Do Me
Hey Girl
어느 째즈바
Only One
미안해요 (Ghost)
클레오파트라 [Bonus Track]
Hot Girl [Bonus Track]
The album's success allowed Hyo-Lee to become the highest paid female artist in South Korea. It debuted at #3 in the Korean Monthly Charts, selling 79.361 the first month.
August 2003: #3 - 79.361 copies sold
September: #8 - 41.179 (total sales 120.540)
October: #24 - 9.692 (130.232)
November: #28 - 6.616 (136.848)
December: #25 - 7.334 (144.182)
January 2004: #27 - 7.190 (151.372)
February: #42 - 2.218 (153.590)

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