Dark Angel (Lee Hyori album)

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Dark Angel (Lee Hyori album)

Post by msistarted on Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:42 am

Dark Angel is the second album by Lee Hyori, featuring singles "Get Ya!", "Shall We Dance", and "Straight Up". It is notable for the plagiarism controversy regarding her first single, "Get Ya!", which was accused of copying Britney Spears' single "Do Somethin'". Although a followup single was quickly prepared, sales were lower than expected, and promotional activities were stopped.
[edit]Track listing

"Get Ya!" 3:34
"Depth" 3:15
"Straight Up" 3:35
"Dark Angel" 3:51
"Dear Boy" 3:25
"Winter Freshness" 3:26
"Closer" 3:28
"Stealing a Glance" [MARS Remix] 4:26
"Shall We Dance?" 3:02
"Slave" 2:53
"EMMM" 3:38
"2 Faces" 3:36
"Last Goodbye" 4:32

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