2008.09.20-23 Leeteuk and Heechul CY entry.

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2008.09.20-23 Leeteuk and Heechul CY entry.

Post by 13angels* on Tue Sep 23, 2008 12:02 pm

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.20 23:13
In the ‘…Special…’ folder..

Title: …TVXQ…

..Dong Bang Shin Ki’s new album name has been revealed…^^

I liked the song a lot when I heard it before it was revealed..

Yunho also said he liked the album a lot this time …^^

Recently, Jaejoong has been saying ..Hyung, you’re so irresponsible.. how can you act coquettishly..

Ya~~You’re always acting coquettishly towards Hyung…Hush~~!!You’re only doing this to Hyung..ㅋㅋ

Junsu, just stared at Hyung!!!Why are you like that~~!!!You really make people embarrassed..ㅋㅋ

Do you like Hyung?ㅋㅋ

Yoochunie..I often admire your shoulders..You little monster (?)..^^

Changmin-ah..~~~You’ve become a man now…^^Handsome..!!

5 Handsome Dongsaengs!!!!As the status of a sunbae, I still have a lot to learn from them…^^

Please give lots of love…Because we’re also preparing for our 3Jib now…

Please support it lots once it’s released..ㅋㅋ!

This time, please give lots of support to Dong Bang Shin Ki..!!!(E.L.F, understand?^^)

Hyung will also give them encouragement!!!!Dong Bang Shin Ki KingWangJjang!!!

Us!!!!!!(Because we are) sm’s children (?) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s really a blessing to overcome any difficulties..^^

Please credit & link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlySJ13, Pearl Jungsoo
He is such a fanboy<3.
Don't worry angel.

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.23 15:26

Title: 希 對 庚 / Hee VS. Geng
In the ‘澈’ folder..

Beijing Fried Rice expert, Geng

3 minutes cooking expert, Hee


The expert who will put lots of chill slices on top of the ramyun to make it spicy, Geng

The one who calls for Hankyung when there’s no rice at home, asking him to create something from nothing, Hee


The expert who knows how to dance more than 10 kinds of traditional Chinese dances, Geng

The expert who knows to dance more than 10 Korean female singers’ dances, Hee


When asked to sing, he’s just like a shy bride, singing softly, Warm Boy (?) - Small Voice Geng

Even if people stopped him, he’d start to dance Tell Me, Warm Boy- Ful* Hee


Faster than anyone else, and different from others, the one who imitates my expressions, Geng

In the past 3 years, the one who only imitates Geng, Hee (Others : Yang Ban Kim/ Noble Kim, Horse)


The one who calls from China and says he misses me, but ends up quarrelling (with me) in the end, Geng

The one who happily picks up the phone in Korea but only knows how to scold people, Hee


The one among the other 12 who is able to straightly see my youthful (?) body, Geng

The one among the other 12 who is able to give Hankyung a revolving flying kick, Hee

Ah Really miss himㅋ

N.B * -Ful as in Wonderful.
Credits; OnlyHeechul, OnlySJ13 + Super Junior Love
Credit: http://superduperlove.wordpress.com

I miss them together too. TT_TT
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