08.08.2008 HeeChul's CyWorld Entry

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08.08.2008 HeeChul's CyWorld Entry

Post by Tangera on Sat Aug 09, 2008 12:33 am

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.08.08 21:22

Title: Depression

4 years ago ..

(This is) The first picture I posted up when I opened my minihompy..

Opening the drawer, other than red, I have almost every colour of contact lens

Opening the cabinet, it’s filled with plain series, floral clothes, and hats

Thinking of it now, before debut, I seemed more like an artiste..(-┏)

No matter who’s staring at me, I will carry the thought that ‘I am air’ and only caring about walking

Even if I hear “So handsome”, “So pretty” I do not feel anything

I just have the ‘Now then you know?’ type of thought which is far from a good feeling ..(-┏)

Letting me face women, the 3 dongsaengs who are willing to dump their pride for the sake of true love

Jung Yunho (Absolute and complete AAA type)

Lee Donghae (An A type who’s just like a B type)

Kim Kibum (I don’t know if he’s talented fella who’ll become an A type just like Yunho)

When these 3 get together they’ll always go into comparisons of relationships ..

“No matter how much we like (her) we’ll break up, but until the end, our pride will still be left with us”

Even elementary school kids will jeer at the story ‘Women are Men’s enemies’ ..

This is the rough plot of Heenim’s ‘Women are Men’s enemies’..

Why is it that men always have to pay for the meal?

When you all cry and get yourselves entangled, do you feel that being a woman is very great?

I just walked simply, the women in front cast a glance and had the intentions to run away

Women look at men “Wa~ Your stature is so good! Can I touch? >>Ya~” Like this

But if men say “Your figure’s not too bad either^-^” It’ll become a @#$%&! outcome which will upset people..

And there’s also other weird behaviour that was forced ..

What’s funny is that.. These 3 pure dongsaengs who are not able to readily nod their head saying these kind of words

In the end, the 3 of the dongsaengs still don’t believe women..(-┏)

Although it’s very normal that Cassiopeia and ELF will clap, and wave the Taeguk balloon

But in my opinion.. ‘What if the kids don’t get married;;” Thinking about this, I’ll feel that I’ve sinned

When I met and contacted my high school friends

“Do you have a girfriend?ㅋㅋ It looks like you won’t be getting marriedㅋㅋ”

“You still have no way of initiating a call to a girl?ㅋㅋ”

“You play games>girlfriend That’s the problemㅋㅋ”

With regards to the words filled with warmth said by friends, I acknowledged it using violence

When depression sinks in, even if I force it I’ll also pretend that I’m happy

Or I’ll act depressed to the highest level, finding a way out of the darkness

It’s roughly this meaning.. I’m still more of the latter

I’ve reached the age at a certain degree..

It’s time.. I should learn the analogies of this degree..

The depression of August can’t be like a child’s thought disappearing that quickly

I’ll use my camera to capture my depressed image and upload it..

Truthfully, updating my minihompy with this kind of font and colour..

It doesn’t look like I’m depressed (-┏)

Translated by superduperlove
Credits; OnlySJ13, LoveChul

~Still I have ROMANTIC in my heart~

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Re: 08.08.2008 HeeChul's CyWorld Entry

Post by Cutie on Sat Aug 09, 2008 1:23 am

I hope he feels better. Feel better Heechul!

On another note..

Even if I hear “So handsome”, “So pretty” I do not feel anything

I just have the ‘Now then you know?’ type of thought which is far from a good feeling ..(-┏)

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