[PERFORMANCE] thank you Taeyang....for being you.

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[PERFORMANCE] thank you Taeyang....for being you.

Post by MexiMami0892 on Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:44 pm

this is a fancam from the extremely recent Taeyang Solo concert
im guessing this is the 8pm concert show ((just a lucky guess)) ;D but idk what was up with the whole clear box thing o-O' still sexy though, still sexy.

but i just really wanna thank him, personally, for being him and then thank his parents, for conceiving him<33
credit: taeyang city<3

ohh and i wanna share this too.
this is old i guess but i thought i'd share anyways just in case.
im turning real green right now but its all cool, it is all cool ((watch it till the very end))

The performance is from the Global WarNing
((Is it stupid for me to think that when i first read the title i thought it said Global WarMing -_-'))
found this video on: youtube.
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