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Post by ShenYue! on Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:29 pm

If you've read what we wrote so far on the blog, and think you can do it too, feel free to submit your own post about Korean Entertainment! SYP is planning to keep the blog only for the opinioned posts or researched based ones .. all the news related posts are posted on the portal of the forum! ... in our new system even non-members are able to leave comments on the Korean News section of the forum! However, since the blog is going to be kept for only the opinionated posts .. we decided to give offer to our readers to take advantage of this opportunity and participated on writing article to be share by us. This allows to cover more issues regarding the Korean entertainment industry and voice our more concerns to the recent issues! We previously tested this idea and the feedback were really good! .. Here are couple rules that allow you to participate!

1. There is no string attached.
you don't need to be our forum member or staff to write your own thing.

2. We prefer posts that come with pictures and videos (if any)
make sure to defend your own side and have proof to convince your opinions!

3. Credit your source (if any)
4. Since this is for the blog, add your opinion into your post. If you just wanna copy-paste a news, you can submit it to the forum Korean Entertainment News thread.

5. We suggest you to use just one nickname. If you have ever posted comments on SYP blog or forum, please use the nickname you use on the comments.

6. Submit your post to the Editorial thread on the forum, or email it to under the subject "Readers Post", along with your email address and particulars.

7. The post that has been moved to the blog will be deleted from the Editorial thread.
8. SYP has the right to edit your post, without altering its contents.

9. No guarantee your post will be posted on the blog!

10. SYP waives any responsibilities regarding any feedback you will receive upon your post.

11. You don't need to pay to have your post in our blog, and we don't need to pay to have your post in our blog.


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