First of all, welcome to the ShenYuePop Forum!! Here are simple rules to follow while you’re enjoying yourselves at the same time!

In the Patio is where you’ll find the newest updates on what is happening around in this growing forum. The staff will only update when there are big announcement to make.

1. No profanity, racist or hate mail/messages
2. No sexually explicit material….aka porn or anything alone the lines of that! Only certain pictures or videos of celebrities are allowed. (aka...SE7EN without his shirt on or Big Bang stripping ^^)
3. NO SPAMMING!! The Courtyard is the place to spam…no where else!!
ShenYue! .. can you explain to us what SPAM is?
SPAM in SYP defines as less than a sentences comments!
Regular spaming will result in a one time warning and if you get warned 10 times, you will be banned from this forum (more info below)!!

4. No advertising your own sites or other people’s site…that goes in the Courtyard too. PMing other members to advertise is not allowed either! We do check PMs.
5. Bumping old threads IS allowed!! If a link in the downloads section is dead, PM the person who posted it up.
6. NO DOUBLE POSTING. If you accidentally double posted, I believe you can delete it yourself…if not, PM the forum moderator to help delete it.
7. All download links MUST be hidden. We do not want leechers!!
8. Nothing can be taking out of the forum without credits.
9. No creating multiple accounts, we will delete them.
10. Have fun!!!

Make sure you log in and have at least 10 non-spam posts within a week of your register, or we will ban your account.

We don't want this forum to be such an empty place full of inactive members.


Currently, there are no rules for the signature, but please don’t make your images too big because it will slow the loading of the page.

If a banner or avatar is made by someone else, please give credits to the creator.

If you want to change your username, you must meet the requirements.
1. You must have be active all the time and have at least 500 posts.
2. You have followed the rules all along and will still follow them after username change.
3. You can only change your username once every 6 months.
4. When you meet the requirements, PM one of the ADMINS and they will be happy to change it for you.
5. Please be patient when having your username changed, it will take some time to process through.
6. If you made a mistake when registering, PM one of the ADMINS and they will change it for you.

When chatting with other members on the forum please be respectful, and do not use profanity, bashing, threatening, or use of sexually explicit language(this last one is on condition that both parties concent to it). We will like ShenYuePop forum to remain fun and comfortable to come to. As to chat off the forum, we have no authority to control your social life, but since you're talking to someone you know through this forum, please keep it nice to avoid brushing off each other when you hang around on the forum together.


When downloading music, dramas, etc., please reply with a decent reply, instead of just one, two or three worded replies. Secondly, when you are done downloading and listening/watching, please edit your replies with at least 10-20 words, as the people do spend time uploading everything for your entertainment!

Starting from March 17th, 2008 (1 week from today), we will be checking posts!! So any posts in download section from March 10, 2008 (today) on, will be checked. Any posts prior to today will just be left alone. If these download rules are still broken, we will restrict access to the downloads section!!

If you break a rule, you will be warned, no if’s or but’s!! We will not tolerate those who don’t follow the rules!! The staffs are also busy people, we don’t want to be cleaning up after everyone…we are not your parents!! If you get 10 warnings, you will be banned from this forum forever!!